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This two day workshop is relevant to anyone whose work involves close contact with young people who self harm/self injure and who have little or no previous training in this area - Counsellors, youth workers, teachers, social workers, health workers care staff etc.

Self harm/self injury in young people is a complex issue which many people find difficult to understand. It is often mistakenly seen as attempted suicide whereas, in most cases it is much more about making life more bearable. For most young people, their self injury is a way of coping with extreme emotional distress.

The impact on workers dealing with self harm /self injury can be great and it is important that we are aware of our own needs for support in this work. There is often a perceived need on the part of workers; and indeed an expectation from managers of workers; that they will somehow stop the young person from indulging in their self destructive behaviour. It can be difficult to manage the tension between wanting to protect young people and yet not taking away their coping mechanisms.

The number of young people seeking help in this area is steadily growing and it is essential that those who do ask for help have access to workers who are well trained and aware of the issues involved both for themselves, their agency's response to this behaviour and for their young clients.


To develop participants´ knowledge and understanding of self injury: its nature and reasons for it.

  • To identify some of the important issues arising in working with young people who self-injure and to consider ways of dealing with these issues.
  • To explore the needs of clients who self injure.
  • To assess the value of various professional approaches to self injury.
  • To provide the opportunity for course members to reflect on their own practice (and that of their agencies) in working with clients who self injure.
  • To develop participants´ skills, resources and confidence in responding helpfully to young people who self-injure.
  • To explore the impact on workers of supporting young people who self-injure, identifying worker´s own needs for supervision, support etc. and looking at ways of ensuring these needs are met.
  • To provide an opportunity for sharing experience, knowledge and views.

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