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List of Resources and Bibliography



    • The Basement Project
      (Bristol & South Wales)
      PO Box 5, Abergavenny, NP7 5XW. Tel: 01873 856524
      For people who have suffered abuse or self injure and those who work with them.
      Produce a number of useful publications.
    • MIND
      Granta House, 15-19 Broadway, London, E15 4BQ
      Leading Mental Health charity in England and Wales.
      Information line: 0345 660 163. Booklet: Understanding Self-harm.
    • Bristol Crisis Service for Women
      PO Box 654, Bristol, BS99 1XH. Tel: 0117 925 1119
      Helpline, research and publications on self injury. Training pack available. Hold details of other projects and groups around the UK with a focus on self injury. Helpful booklets available include: Understanding self injury; Self help for self injury; For Friends and Family.
    • National Self-harm Network
      PO Box 16190, London, NW1 3WW.
      Campaigning group for people who self harm/self injure. Developing guidelines for good practice in services for people who self injure. Meetings, information and literature including 'The Hurt Yourself Less Workbook' Also produce a comprehensive resource list.
    • SHOUT
      c/o PO Box 654, Bristol, BS99 1XH
      Bi-monthly newsletter for women who self-harm, and supporters.
      Young People and Self -harm Information Resource
      An excellent website with lots of useful links to other sites
    • 42ND Street
      2nd Floor, Swan Buildings, 20 Swan street, Manchester, M4 5JW
      Mental health service for young people aged 15 -25


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      buy now
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      Bristol Crisis Service for Women publications
    • Arnold, L (1994) Understanding Self-injury
      Self-help for self-injury and For friends and Family.
    • Lindsay, H (1995) Needing Attention
      An evaluation of services for women who self-injure.
    • Arnold, L (1995) Cutting Out the Pain
      Proceedings of National Conference on Self-injury
    • Parker, K & Lindsay, H. (1996) Self-injury self-help and support groups.
    • Bristol Crisis Service for Women publications:
    • Arnold, L. (1995) Women and Self-injury
      A survey of 76 Women.
    • The Basement Project Publications
    • Arnold, L. & Magill, A. (1997) What's the Harm
      A Book for Young People Who Self-harm or Self-injure
    • Arnold, L. & Magill, A. (1998) The Self-harm Help Book
    • Arnold, L. & Magill, A. (1996) Working with Self-injury
      A Practical Guide
    • Arnold, L. & Magill, A. (1998) Hurting Inside
      A Book for Young People.
    • Arnold, L. & Magill, A. (2000) Making Sense of Self-harm.
    • Arnold, L. & Magill, A. (1999) Lifting The Lid
      A Practical Guide to Working With People Abused in Childhood

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